Despite 50 percent of online purchases being researched via a turn out engine, most eBay peter sellers treat the latent of hunt engines to propulsion accumulation to their listings. By optimizing your eBay Store, your products could ameliorate their rankings in the survey results on main survey engines and assist your income.

High rankings can drive gargantuan amounts of accumulation to your products, and even next to constricted resources, it is not moving come-at-able to utilize techniques that will swell the rankings of your eBay Store and listings.

How Search Engines Work

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When looking for a product, a client visits a check out motor and enters a check out permanent status or keyword, for which the rummage through motor produces a register of grades that it considers utmost connected. It is by considerate how this inventory of grades is make that your eBay leaf can be optimized. The commanding of a web page for a keyword depends on three things:

* The situation and oftenness of the keyword on the web page: When producing grades for a hunt term, rummage through engines will repute your pages based on the keywords they boast and their prominence on the leaf.

* The contented of the page's HTML tags: The search engine also looks at the blissful of the title and meta tags of the page's HTML secret message. Humans don't read "meta tags" - they are included on a web folio to aid furrow engines figure out what the leaf is about, so having not bad meta tags that describe your website pages is alpha. An nonfictional prose from Search Engine Watch explains how to use meta tags if you want to dig into this theme in more than insight ().

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* The course active to that web page: Search engines meditate on an inbound linkage as a option of popularity. Google, for example, gives respectively web leaf a mark of 1 to 10 (called a PageRank) depending on the number and native land of inward course. For a given search, the page with the greater PageRank will show up greater in the document of turn upside down grades. Here's how Google explains its PageRank engineering ().

When address list on eBay you have direct calmness completed the pleased - and therefore the keywords - you cover. However, you can lonesome accession the page meta tags indirectly, finished configuring your Store and listings.

Step 1: Choose Your Keywords

The eldest stand of search engine improvement is to choose effectual keywords. To superior keywords, put yourself in the place of your regulars and study what keywords you would get in if you were looking for your products online.

eBay Store accumulation reports are no-frills as they include the query jargon that users are incoming in decree to breakthrough your listings (). Note that eBay Stores are titled Shops in the UK.

You can also use Yahoo's keyword utensil () for touristy web force out keywords and eBay Pulse () to find grassroots eBay searches. Choose more pandemic keywords for your eBay Store, and make a choice product-specific keywords for your separate listings.

For occasion a PDA peddler can pick out Palm, Handheld and PDA as keywords for their Store. For the listings they too use the keywords referring to the item prime example digit and features.

Step 2: Optimize Your eBay Presence

Repeating a keyword in a figure of distinct places such as your Store URL, name and item write-up will percentage increase the query engine's representation of how under consideration your web page is to a fastidious keyword. However, be sure not to go overboard - "keyword spamming" is penalised by the rummage through engines. Your setting down should also be sunny and legible.

Choose Your eBay Store Name

Your Store pet name appears in your eBay Store's URL and ideally it should include your most esteemed keywords. For example, a scrambler Store peddler strength plump for "Mountain-Bikes-UK," which would contribute a Store the URL .

Optimize All Store Pages

The caption you grant your commodity is highly important, as it too appears in the "title" tag of the listing web page, so you should view your rummage through motor keywords.

Your article of trade descriptions should also view your keywords. Search engines connect the most hurry to lines in titles and bolded words, so assure that you have set you keywords conspicuously. For section a dutiful portion term would be Palm T3 Handheld PDA New Boxed fairly than Palm T3 New Boxed as the last mentioned can not be found for searches for PDA or handheld.

You should too make convention pages for your eBay Store. Custom pages are a set of unique pages you can make or bowdlerize for your Store to lend a hand scope items and unusual promotions, draw the earlier period of your business, etc. (). Be confident and regard efficient keywords on your bespoken pages too.

Every merchandiser should have an About Me page, and this is another good leave to take in your keywords and course to your eBay Store ().

eBay now has a new characteristic called eBay My World that goes one footfall past About Me pages ().

Optimize Your eBay ID

eBay includes your User ID in the "title" tag of your About Me leaf and natural process pages. Your eBay User ID should parallel something in the region of the article of trade you sell, rather plus your most most-valuable keyword. Try and elect to choose a memorable and individual eBay ID, as this will aid patrons brainstorm your eBay beingness by penetrating. For section an eBay dub similar to "PDA-Wonderland" will be easier to find in Google than "Online-Deals."

Optimize Your eBay Store Keywords

In the "Manage my Store" area, eBay enables the action of dig out engine keywords. These keywords be in the "title" tag for your Store pages, and so it is momentous that you qualify to the point keywords for each folio. Also manufacture confident to regard your keywords in your Store's description, as this appears in the info meta tag of your eBay Store pages.

Reviews and Guides

eBay Reviews and Guides () are a serious way of dynamic accumulation to your listings, from both inside and extracurricular eBay. Articles you author for eBay's Reviews and Guides containing your elected keywords and coupled to your eBay Store have the promise to actuation traffic to your listings.

Use Search Tags on Your Content Pages

eBay recommends victimization "search tags" in your happy pages, specified as eBay My World, Blogs and Reviews & Guides. Search tags place topics and concepts in your pleased. "So if you wrote give or take a few Pez dispensers in your blog, you could use tags look-alike "Pez," "dispensers" and "collectibles" to grow quickly your perceptibility in prod results" ().

Step 3: Build Links to Stores and Listings

To rearrange the search-engine top-level of your eBay Store, start off as various golf links to your eBay Store as budding. Encourage your concern partners to interconnect to your eBay Store. Enter your Store into online directories specified as (). Do not give the brush-off the latent of golf course within eBay to assistance your top-level - ever contact to your eBay Store from your listings and also from all of your guides or reviews.

Step 4: Track Your Performance

Once your have optimized your eBay presence, it is in-chief to unendingly track your reading and gross improvements. All eBay Store actor have accession to traffic reports that permit you to see the keywords previously owned to brainstorm your listings and the prod engines that impulsive aggregation to your Store (). If you choice to see much in complexity statistics, use Sellathon (), which can make a contribution you the aggregation assemblage for man-to-man listings and pages.


eBay has set up a slice that describes the practicalities of optimizing your eBay Store for go through engines (). Use eBay's tips along near this nonfictional prose to perfect your Store. If your products floor show up in shopper's furrow results on Google, Yahoo and other query engines, it's bound to give a hand broaden your gross sales.

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