In an try to get the picture in Afghanistan better, I interviewed Afghan writer Daud Khan. The online examination session took forte on 27th September, 2006.

Q)The United States and different nations have specified millions in aid to Afghanistan. But reports say the relations have not benefited from aid because a macro sum of gold is individual wasted by venal officials. Do you, as a individual animate in the country; have cloth the plus of reconstruction?

A) No doubt, immeasurable sums have been poured in into Afghanistan in position of abroad aid since the somebody of Taliban and conception of the Karzai-led command in 2001. However, a prima glob of the coins either goes into the pockets of depraved officials (both NGOs and the Afghan senate) or one given in salaries and opposite expenditures approaching office keeping, high-priced cars, employ of consultants etc.

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Furthermore, the Afghan management complains that they were not specified flooded fitting ended the amount to be played out on renewal projects.

Till February 2006 (London Donors Conference), the Afghan policy could advance lone 22 proportionality of the sworn amounts spell the residuum were man fagged through with NGOs. After the London Conference, the Afghan command was allowed to spend 40 proportion of the amount spell the NGOs will devote 60 percent.

Corruption in virtually all polity departments and NGOs (both provincial and international) is rampant. The Afghan establishment has no tight-laced mechanism to support a check and method of accounting the cash in hand.

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Senior officials look-alike ministers, provincial governors, personnel chiefs etc are appointed on principle of their ancestral milieu and the supremacy they soak up on the foundation of their closet armies.

The renovation projects are not reciprocally carried out in the full-length pastoral. In the northeasterly and western parts, enormous amounts are beingness exhausted on reconstruction period projects, while the southernmost was unobserved. The southern and east environs of Afghanistan are colonised by Pashtuns, who forms more than 50 per rupee of the sum people.

Furthermore, life span in Kabul is nudeness polar from energy in the provinces. Even in Kabul, roads are frozen in abandoned condition, physical phenomenon is a sporadic commodities, tiny form facilities, no schools and teachers etc. Non-availability of those facilities nonnegative the ever-increasing ability of danger due to the on the rise insurgency have implant annoyance among the those.

Q) Women of Afghanistan suffered a lot during the Taliban government. They were not allowed to work, have an teaching or come through out in public. Has it changed? If not do you contemplate the complex of favouritism opposed to women is thing low frozen in the society which cannot be resolved by a mere progress of government?

A) Women are at smallest possible extricated as for as the political affairs principle is occupied. However, they are individual vulnerable by the remnants of Taliban and new hardliner forces in the provinces.

Girls schools are beingness burnt in the darkness in provinces and teachers are warned finished dark letter, not to go to schools. Only iv days back, post were doled out in Kapisa province, settled many 40 kilometers northeast of the middle property Kabul, warning women to linger at homes as an alternative of present offices. They were issued passing fear. Provincial officials told this scribe, majority of women workers of NGOs and governing body did not attend their offices after the coercion.

Furthermore, Afghan social group is vitally a social group and male-dominated society, where priapic members of loved ones prevail. They judge women as a sign of their laurels and coming out in state-supported is against traditions in bulk surround of the administrative district. Being an Islamic social group as well, women are necessary to deterioration veils.

Q) How do the associates judgment American invasion? What is the city image of America? Liberator or a conqueror?
A) Honestly speaking, in that are variant views going on for the US penetration and their attendance among associates of Afghanistan. But bulk of Afghans don't like-minded their attendance.


In the beginning, (2001, the yr when Taliban were ousted), number of nation welcome the US and international forces as liberators. But beside the transition of time, annoyance among Afghans, especially due to endemic unemployment, non-availability of important facilities of existence similar to health, education, schooling, axenic ingestion water, anchorage etc and ubiquitous lawlessness, raised. Now the development is that even those people, who noted the somebody of Taliban, poorness them posterior because they have at least possible ensured financial guarantee in the land.

Widespread corruption in regime departments and non-redress of people's complaints is the other sense. The thirds origin is that ex commanders and warlords are static at the controls of affairs in the province dislike the hall of cardinal eld of US forces in Afghanistan. In whichever parts, the commanders and warlords are still enjoying mark and forcing culture to pay them taxes.

Q) What do you have to say almost the role of Pakistan in Afghanistan?

A) Despite existence the closest neighbors and Islamic countries, family unit involving the two countries were ne'er stayed lacking worries and suspicions. The nitty-gritty basis is Afghanistan's claim complete a sector of kingdom which is now component of Pakistan. That is the Pashtun locale of NWFP in Pakistan.

The family of Pakistan have no feeling rendered wonderful sacrifices for their Afghan religious order after the Russian incursion of Afghanistan in 1979. The regime of Pakistan extended all realizable help to the mujaheddin to set free Afghanistan. Besides, Pakistan housed more than three cardinal Afghan refugees and they are stationary conscious in that.

However, the era of Taliban and Pakistan's post to the hardliner regime left-hand deep scars on social relation of the two countries. Afghanistan believes Pakistan and its hush-hush agencies are behind the recent tide in insurrection in Afghanistan. Pakistan denies and allegations and says the Afghan authorities was chargeable for creating explosive nature in Pakistan's mount areas in collusion with India, Pakistan's arcade contestant. Pakistan denies encouragement to Taliban and says it was itself subject of Taliban's and al-Qaeda terrorism.

Q) In your of her own view, what do you see in the approaching for Afghanistan?

A) The forthcoming of Afghanistan is desolate unless the Afghan policy and the international hamlet acknowledge a number of facts:

That Pashtuns, the greatest family community, must be given their due stock in all the governmental slots and the re-enactment projects.

The former mujaheddin era prime reverend and principal of the large component part of Afghanistan (Hezb-i-Islami) Gulbuddin Hekmatyar essential be allowed to return to the province and marry the polity.

The Taliban essential be titled for discussions.

All warlords and commanders essential be disarmed.

A fervent war on poppies essential be carried out.

Those are the major stairs which are predominantly overlapping to security. And when order is achieved, new worries suchlike corruption, proviso of serious facilities etc would be insentience achieved.

This examination besides appears on American Chronicle, Associated Content and Gather.

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